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We're so close!

Well folks, it's been quite a ride these last couple of years as we did our best to ensure that our little neighborhood spot was able to weather the unpredictability of this pandemic. As we hope for better days ahead, we are once again hoping to put our focus on our intention to move towards becoming the White Rabbit Cafe and Bakery that we had dreamed of opening in the Stark St. space back in Spring of 2020. 

While we are currently operating as Hungry Heart Bakery, some of the changes that we are excited to offer with White Rabbit will be the following...

- A reimagined and refreshed pastry program

- Homestyle bread program

- Extended brunch hours and a larger brunch menu

- More intentional sourcing of produce from local farms

- More collaborations with fellow female, queer, and BIPOC chefs

- A fun cocktail menu to be available to enjoy with us or to take home

- A (finished) space that feels bright, airy, and welcoming with even more indoor dining capabilities (dependent on CDC recommendations) 

- Evening community events to get us all (back) together!


For those who donated to our White Rabbit Indiegogo: we’ll be contacting you soon! We’re coming up with a variety of pandemic-friendly substitutes for the things (like our opening party, or in-person classes, or dining in…) that aren’t a good fit with social distancing and the public health safety protocols we’re following. We want you to know we haven’t forgotten about you, & we look forward to thanking you for believing in us! While we know that the funds were not able to be used for the White Rabbit concept in the way that we hoped, we just want you to know that these funds did help keep Hungry Heart alive during some really tough times and we want to thank you from the bottom our our hearts. <3

7940 SE Stark St, Portland, OR

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